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Brazilian Silver Military Medal (Medalha Militar)

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Hi all!

One quick question, regarding my new arrival!

Can someone advise me a little, regarding Brazilian Silver Military Medal (Medalha Militar).

I found most details already from Wikipedia but I would like to know is there any chance to narrow down as well time frame, when the award what I have was made. Trying to be only pre 1939 awards collector, it is kind an important to me. If it is not possible, then I can still keep it as an award, what was established 1901.

Also these, what I saw on web are all with the clasp on the ribbon. Is it something what should be each of these awards or came in use after 1958 amendments?


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I have found the use of bars on these medals to be more common after World War II than before. However, that may a function of the way the bars are made, in that they fall off fairly easily. If the medal has no pin-back, or is not bar-mounted, the bar is rarely there, in my experience.

I think of this bent-wire suspension as a pre-WWII style, but I've not handled enough of these to speak with authority.

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Hi all !

Created by Decree 4238 of 15 November 1901, is conferred on officers and men of the Army, Navy and Air Force on active service in recognition of good service.

Says the single paragraph of the instructions accompanying the decree that the medal will be gold for the military over 30 years of service, silver for over 20 years, and bronze for over 10 years under the same conditions .

On June 30, 1934, Decree 24 514 modified the previous setting for the medal with 40 years of military service, this shifter in gold with platinum.


more info.

http://hmmb.com.br/republica/tempo_servico.html (in Portuguese)

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Hello Noor

This model is called the Old, Pre-WWII, probably before 1934.

This very good:)

It has a standard lock on the ribbon, I will search more and you say something more specific.


Thank you very much Lambert! This is prefect information!!!!!:cheers:



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