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House Order of Hohenzollern Silver medal

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Hi all,

I have one quick question about the Royal House Order of Hohenzollern Silver medal (or is it House Order of Hohenzollern Silve medal?)

Like I understand, the medal (silberne Vierdienstmedaille) was established 1st January 1842. Because that model 1 of this medal has same date on the reverse.

After Prussia House of Hohenzollern's adopted the award on the 23rd august 1851, then from 16th February 1852 they changed the reverse date to the same, when the Order of Hohenzollern was established – 5th December 1841. Like I understand this is type 2.

Now, my main question is, when the date on the reverse was moved back to 1st January 1842?

I presume my example is this last model? How common it is, how many have been minted and what details I have to check to make a difference between 1st and 3rd model?

Kind Regards,



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This medal belongs to the Princely Houseorder of Hohenzollern, not to the Royal (Prussian) Houseorder of Hohenzollern. The change of the reverse date on these medals seems to be unclear. The right date of the creation of the princely order was "5. December 1841". When some changes occured in the classes of the Princely Houseorder in 1852 (at the same time the Royal Houseorder was founded), the medals (silver and gold) were established. These had the right date "5. December 1841". From a time, not be known in detail, a new embossing tool was made with the wrong date "1. Januar 1842". How this could happend, is told in detail in Link/Gauggel "Fürstlich Hohenzollernsche Orden und Ehrenzeichen". It is to difficult to me to translate, so I can only show it in German here.

Regards, Komtur.

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Thank you very much for clarification!

I tried to read and understand information from this site:


I don't know now, was I wrong or the site.

Thanks again,


We all are a bit wrong :unsure:

My fault was, to write: "in 1852 the medals (silver and gold) were established". I should had wrote "in 1852 these medals (silver and gold) were established", because there were medals from the beginning in 1841, but these were complete different in style and without any date (see picture).

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In the model overview, the first (1841) medals (picture above) are No. 6 and 7. To make it more complicate, there is an "interim" model 1851/52, also with two medals (No11 and 12). I could not find a picture of this interim medal, but as it is described in Nimmergut Vol. 1, it must be the style of the later and well known medals with the date 1841, but with enamel in coat of arms and crown.

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