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Need assistance Indentification mini chain

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wow. You have quite the string there.

You have a bit of a couple of countries; German (Saxe-Weimer), Italy, Denmark, France and more.





5. Germany: Saxe-Weimer Order of the White Falcon

6. Italy: Order of the Crown

7. Denmark: Order of Dannebrog?

8. Italy: Order of St. Maurice & Lazarus

9. France?

10. France?

11. France: Order of Academic Palms

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I must say what a beautiful item this is. :beer:

No. 2: Order of "Simon Bolivar" or sometimes called the Order of the Liberator, Venezuela

No. 3: Order of Isabella the Catholic, Spain

No. 7: Military Order of Christ, Portugal

No. 9: Order of Nicham-Iftikar, Tunisia

Best wishes


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1. Hessen-Darmstadt - Philip’s Order?

2. Venezuela. Order of the Bust of Bolivar

7. Portugal. Order of Christ.

10. Portugal - Order of the Tower and Sword or Venezuela - Order of Merit (the motto ring will tell us which, I can not read it)

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Most likely a French academic or artist originally held this excellent chainette of miniature orders. Surprizing there's no Legion of Honor. The pin arrangement confirms that the Academic Palmes is in the first position, not the Hessian Philip Order. Kretley, who supplied the case and likely the entire chainette, was a very popular Parisian jeweler & insignia manufacturer. Jacob's Court Jewelelrs of the World will provide dates Kretley was active [maybe 1870s-1920?].

Awards are: French Academic Palmes, French Agricultural Merit [officer or commander], Portugese Villa Vicosa, Tunisian Nicham Iftikhir, Italian Maurice & Lazurus [knight], Portugese [or much less likely Papal] Christ, Italian Crown, Saxe-Weimer White Falcon, Monaco St. Charles, Spanish Isabella the Catholic, Venezuelan Bolivar & Hessian Philip. Order grades in brackets determined by the specific insignia design. Hard to guess what grades the others represent.

Portugese Villa Vicosa last awarded as a state decoration in 1910.

You have a quite interesting and beautiful set of miniatures!

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