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"Repeat Clasp" (Wiederholungsspange)


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Dear collectors,

I kindly ask for your help!

Could you please tell how to recognize original "Repeat Clasp" (Wiederholungsspange) from copy ???

I recently bought two:


The first is magnetic, the second is not... There are no stamps on the back.

In collection I have a few of these Repeat Clasps, but none of them is magnetic...

Does this mean that the first (magnetic one) is copy?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards, Dejan

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Hi Dejan,

Well, I can honestly say, that of all the items this seller had listed these two were the ones I liked the best. IMO, the medals were legit and from what I could tell on the repeat bars, they looked good. He did have one other bravery medal that had the zimbler mark on the reverse side, so...

One of the issues I had however, was the ribbons, which appeared to be modern replacements for many of his items, including the Iron Merit Cross you have there. But, I am not an expert on these and have asked in another recent thread.

Overall, I think you have a couple nice examples, congrats! :cheers:


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