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I just received this SOLDBUCH for a member of Baden RIR 109. I can't identify the name. I known his rank, Kompanie and Unit, but I I can't figure out his name. I know that he was awarded a EK II, and Baden Silber Verdienst Medal, but I don't know the other award. Can anyone help me out? If need be, I can scan some other images from the Soldbuch, but it is in bad shape, but I had to have it since I collect items from this Regiment.

This is the first Soldbuch that I have owned. What is the difference between the Soldbuch and MilitaripaB?


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From my understanding, a Militarpass is like a personnel service record; while a Soldbuch is more of an accounting document - leave, pay, etc. The Militarpass would be maintained by the unit HQ (but would transfer with the soldier if he changed units) and the Soldbuch was held by the soldier himself.

My reading of the last award is Karl Friedrich Verdienst Medal - another Baden award.

The name is too faded for my old eyes...

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