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Fliegerhorst Stendal 4 3 1938 jigger

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One of the relics my father brought back from his time in WWII was a silver jigger, one side has the inscription: "Fliegerhorst Stendal" which I assume refers to the air base.

The other side has engraved a flying eagle with a swastika in its talons, and the date 4 3 1938.

Does this refer to April 3, 1938 or March 4, 1938?

Also, does anyone know the significance of this date or who, why it might have been awarded to?



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Hi Frederick,

in German it is always in a (for me) logical order: day month year

4. März 1938

I think, that it is a birthday gift for an officer, an ancient custom.




Thanks Uwe - you're right, it makes much more sense to write dates that way. Thanks also for the interesting link and info - very much appreciated.

Best Regards,


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