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Australian war heroes ripped off over decoration allowance

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Here is something that I was not aware of. According to the article 14 British and 5 Australian gallantry decorations have an allowance. I'm not aware of this being in place for Canadian awards. Let me know if I'm wrong. How about NZ?

Australian war heroes have been ripped off for decades as governments have refused to increase decoration allowances in line with inflation.

World War II and Vietnam veterans who were awarded the third highest medal for bravery, the Military Cross or Military Medal, are short thousands of dollars.

In 1945, the allowance for the MM was sixpence a day about 1/80th of average weekly wages.

Today they are paid only $1.05 a week or 1/1200th of average weekly wages ($1272).

The MM is one of 14 Imperial and five Australian gallantry decorations that attract an allowance.

It remained sixpence a day from 1943 to 1966, when it was converted to $2 a fortnight. In the past 45 years it has risen by 10 cents a fortnight to $2.10.

By comparison, Victoria Cross recipients receive an annual allowance of $3848 or $148 a fortnight.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/features/anzac-day/heroes-reward-amounts-to-a-paltry-sum/story-e6frfldi-1226041843703#ixzz1KFkosJKV


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