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Inquiry Into Unresolved Recognition of Valour

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Another look by the Australians to see if the VC can be awarded.

The Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal (the Tribunal) is directed to inquire into and report on the appropriate recognition for specific acts of gallantry or valour performed by the following naval and military personnel:

Gunner Albert Neil (Neale) Cleary - Army

Midshipman Robert Ian Davies - Navy

Leading Cook Francis Bassett Emms - Navy

Lieutenant David John Hamer - Navy

Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick - Army

Lieutenant Commander Robert William Rankin - Navy

Able Seaman Dalmorton Joseph Owendale Rudd - Navy

Ordinary Seaman Edward Sheean - Navy

Leading Aircrewman Noel Ervin Shipp - Navy

Lieutenant Commander Francis Edward Smith - Navy

Lieutenant Commander Henry Hugh Gordon Stoker - Royal Navy

Leading Seaman Ronald Taylor - Navy

Captain Hector Macdonald Laws Waller - Navy

Read the complete document here: http://www.defence-honours-tribunal.gov.au/Websites/dhat/Images/documents/Valour_Terms%20of%20Reference.pdf

Here is a newspaper article containing more details on each recipient:



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Here is the latest news article on this topic. Also contains a large variety of opinions on the topic at the end of the story.

The Defence Honours and Awards Tribunal has been set up by the Australian Government to ascertain whether certain individuals, who are said to have carried out exceptional acts of bravery during active service, but who remain unrecognised, should now receive that recognition in the form of a posthumous Victoria Cross (VC).

The Victoria Cross of Australia was instituted in 1991 and is a direct descendent of the British Victoria Cross which used to be awarded to eligible Australians.

Strong claims have been made over the years by concerned and well motivated individuals and organisations that a number of Australians who performed extraordinary acts of courage during wartime hostilities and whose acts went unrecognised or were insufficiently recognised, should now, after proper consideration and deliberation be awarded posthumous VC's.

Read the complete article:

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According to newspaper reports, the inquiring has now completed its hearings.

A total of 72 people have appeared before a tribunal investigating the possibility of awarding retrospective Victoria Crosses.

The inquiry finished it inquiries today after receiving 136 submissions.

Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Senator David Feeney said the inquiry into Unresolved Recognition for Past Acts of Naval and Military Gallantry and Valour had struck a chord with the community.

"These public hearings have attracted the nation's interest," he said. "In relation to the 13 names referred to it by government (for possible retrospective VCs), the tribunal will now consider what has been put before it and conduct any further research needed before reporting to me later this year."


The tribunal will also report on the rules, practices and procedures applying to both the imperial and Australian honours systems.

This will include revisiting the particular policies and approaches followed in considering the actions of prisoners of war during the period up until Australia ceased making recommendations for imperial gallantry awards in 1992.

The inquiry held public hearings in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Launceston.

It heard from a wide range of witnesses including family members, historians, academics, Defence and ex-service organisations.

Read more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/national/bravery-medal-inquiry-ends-hearings-20120727-22yns.html#ixzz22OCzF5bK


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