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Nepal - Gorkah Order


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The Arab world is my focus and hence I request the more knowledgeable amongst you for any identification on this cased award on sale in the souk here in Riyadh. All in excellent condition including the presentation case - breast stat, neck badge with neck ribbon..It is an individually hand crafted set in silver with gold embellishments and most attractive. Can anyone confirm the identification and relative scarceness of such a set? Any ideas? The vendor had various other Egyptian awards some of which I purchased and I am led to believe he bought a job lot of awards in Cairo some 10 or 15 years ago. No price given as yet but if I could get a good deal I may be tempted if only out of curiosity and it really is a most attractive handcrafted set .

Kind regards and thanks,


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This is the Grand Officer class of The Most Puissant Order of the Gurkha Right Arm or (transliterated from Nepali) Gorkha Dakshinabahu. It was instituted in 1895 by King Prithvi Bir Bikram Shah Dev, and awarded for valuable service to Nepal in five classes. There is also a medal associated with the order.

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Hi Oamotme,

There's quite a bit of variation in prices but I've seen these advertised for sale at upwards of 400 euros or more without the case.

A cased set would be much more valuable.

I believe that with the overthrow of the monarchy in 2008(?), most if not all of the royal orders have become obsolete.

It is a beautiful order and one I've thought of picking up myself.

Here's a link to the Nepal orders on Royalark.net.

My link


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Hi Oamotme.

What you have there is the 2nd Class order of Gorkha Dakshinabahu / The Most Puissant Order of the Gurkha Right Arm . Value would be around £400 or less

ATB, Brian.

GorkhaDakshinabahu / The Most Puissant Order of the Gurkha Right Arm -- Awarded to members of the royal family and to Nepali citizens whorender valuable service to Nepal. It may also be awarded to foreign nationals.Established: In 1952 (1895 C.E.) by King Prithvi Bir Bikram Shah Dev; awardswere, apparently, suspended in the following year. The award was reinstitutedby King Tribhuban Bir Bikram Shah Dev on 23 B??? 1989 (7 September 1932). KingTribhuban established the medal of the order in 1995 (1936 C.E.). Obverse: Asilver four-pointed star with a silver kukri on a dark blue enameled circle.Ribbon: Saffron. Some manufacturings of the ribbon have a darker red/brownappearance. · original award, 1895-96

· restored award, after 1932:

· Param Prasiddha PrabalaGorkhadakshinabahu - sovereign's insignia

· Ati Prasiddha PrabalaGorkhadakshinabahu - grand master's insignia

· Suprasiddha PrabalaGorkhadakshinabahu - first class

· Prasiddha PrabalaGorkhadakshinabahu - second class

· Suprabala Gorkhadakshinabahu -third class

· Prabala Gorkhadakshinabahu -fourth class

· Gorkhadakshinabahu - fifthclass

· Gorkhadakshinabahu Padak -medal of the order, established 1995 (1936 C.E.) by King Tribhuban Bir BikramShah Dev.

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Dear Megan, Gavin and Brian,

May thanks t you all for your input on this matter - ii is much appreciated. I have moved very rapidly from zero knowledge to being comfortable with attempting a deal. I'll see the vendor again in a couple of weeks - he is now traveling and I'll report back as to what success I have.

Kind regards, Owain

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