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I have a question about the following dekoration,

is this piece an original or a fake?

if it is an original, how many should I pay for it?

greets Alan


The badge appears to be a genuine type 2 late suspension post 1943 from the illustration (but without physical examination it is impossible to be 100% certain) and the number ties up with the year in the book.

In order to check whether the book is genuine one needs to look at the writing under an ultra violet light to see whether the writing inside is genuine and not added later. It is a shame that the Order of Lenin is not present with it.

As to price I am not aware of one with such a low number appearing on the open market, normal ones are about £700-1,000 but given the earliness of the award I would have thought it is most likely to be double the low figure possibly more but difficult to be precise.

I hope this is of some help.







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Guest Darrell

Well from the pictures not too sure I know if it's similar to this one ... but you can take this dealers prices and divide by 2 to get a more accurate reasonable value of these now days:


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