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im ...

12. Pl. in 1 Std 38 Minut.


in [the] ...

12th place in 1 hour 38 minutes

It must be a very special competition, I can not decipher it. Is there a picture or something else?


thats what I read as well, I assume an overland navigation excercise or something?

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It says: "Sieger im Armeegepäckmarsch - 12 Kl in 1 Std 38 Minut."

So this guy marched 12 kilometres with his rucksack and rifle in 1 hour and 38 minutes. Quite a prestation considering the very comfortable boots...

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I wonder how Army Fitness compared then to now?

That's a really interesting, controversial subject.

I got into a huge flame war on another military Web site by suggesting that so many physically fit young men were killed in World War I and World War II before they could marry and have children that it may have changed the genetic makeup of Europe. That infuriated almost everyone there. Of course I didn't say it to be insulting.

The reason I thought about it is that German flamethrower operators in World War I wore 70-lb flamethrowers into combat. I have photos of flamethrower operators running beside lightly equipped shock troops, and it appears that the flamethrower guys are keeping up without any problem.

What if a 70-lb load was easier for the average man to carry in 1916 than it is for today's men? I read that there's nobody alive today who can use a genuine English longbow. English archers were trained from childhood to use the weapon, and they developed massively strong upper bodies.

But what if there's a genetic component involved? What if the prime physical specimens were killed in both world wars before they could pass along their genes, and that's the real reason there's nobody alive today who can manage an English longbow? Giraffes and elephants are much smaller today than they were at the turn of the century, because the largest ones were killed by trophy hunters.

Let the flame war begin!

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