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Dogtag 500. Batallion Fallschirmjaeger (Paratrooper)- Opinions please

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With something as rare as this it's best to presume the worst!

However if it's in your posession, I used to know someone who unfortunately faked ID disks very well (as far as I know only 'honestly for re-enactors), but his SS stamp was on a round edged stamp, and you could often see the imprint of a 'circle' around the runes. Have a look for this as it may be of use!

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I don't think any member of SS-Fallschirmj?ger-Btl 500 ever wore an EKM like this. You should return it for a refund, after scratching the word "Fake" on it. It doesn't even conform to the correct abbreviated nomenclature. If you didn't pay too much for it, you could always convert it into a lure for fishing. Sorry.


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