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Garda Siochana Service Medals Uniform mini Ribbon Bar

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Just In the door today, from Noor in Dublin, Ireland:-

Garda Siochana Service Medals Uniform mini Ribbon Bar.

Left to right:-

1. "Emergency" Service (WW2) ribbon for the Garda Siochana version of the Emergency Medal*.

2. "50th Anniversary 1922-1977 of the Garda Siochana Commemorative Medal.

3. Garda Siochana Long Service Medal, for 22 years service.

The brass backing bar is marked: "G-I" over "G-22"

A very nice bar to a long serving Irish Police officer.

* = An Caomnoiri Aitiula

The Local Security Force, usually abbreviated to L.S.F.

Set up under control of the Garda (Irish Police Force)

it was responsible for local security and its duties included replacing members of the Garda when required, monitoring Irish Republican Activity (I.R.A.) and assisting the Garda in maintaining law and order.

Many full time Garda were members of the L.S.F. The medal was awarded for 2 years service with a 1939-1946 service bar add for each further 2 years of service up to a maximum of 2 bars.

Although members of this force were supposed to be uniformed and armed issue of uniform and arms varied greatly for region to region.

Information from:-


Kevin in Deva. :cheers:

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Nice bar Kevin - certainly a little different. What happened to some of the local police uniforms you were going to photograph when they weren't looking ?

Hallo Mervyn, :cheers:

believe it or not on my short visit to Bucharest in March I did not see one single policeman or police vehicle, :blush: on my daily walk with the dog I have my camera handy, just in case I bump into the local Old Bill, same for any police vehicles I may see. I will also dig around for an old cd with pictures taken at the local Police day two years ago and then post them.

In between getting my ribbon bars posted in the various threads, the pictures from the Military museum and the Airforce Museum in Bucharest, and getting through Easter, garden work etc.. etc.. seems there is not enough hours in the day.

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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