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British Police Headgear (***MODERATORS' RECOMMENDED)

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Yes, a very long period of use. The same die (and design) is still used for the current helmet plate. The finish differs slightly and the divisions and numbers have been dropped and replaced with the letters "CP" (City Police) in gold anodised finish.


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It’s awfully hard, even for the most clever among us, to improve upon perfection. The City Police insignia is, in my not-so-humble opinion, one of the most beautiful police badges in the world. Why change? 


The RCMP is a very close second. We need a thread devoted to aesthetically beautiful police insignia. That should spark some fierce debates! :)

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Talk about aesthetic beauty! The six-panel helmet has so much more subtle, but beautiful, character than any design that followed (in my humble opinion of course). Throw in a spike and those beautiful chin chain, and these helmets are works of art. 

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Very nice helmets .....which I am assuming were Alan's at one time? Knew your dad well over a period of many years of collecting with a specific police collectors organisation. This is one of the nicest helmets in my collection. A helmet of an Inspector.

Glam officer helmet 1.jpg

The Inspectors helmet from the rear. The metal fittings are all silver plated.

glam officer helmet 2.jpg

Not police but worthy of inclusion on a military appreciation site. In my collection a rare officers rank helmet of the 4th Volunteer Battalion, South Wales Borderers. Very proud to have been able to acquire this helmet for my collection a few years ago.



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Thanks Dave, you’ve saved me a fair few quid.  I nearly got this thinking it was a Met police style helmet.  Good job I checked!

That said, I’ve spent the best part of the afternoon searching as you suggested however, I really cannot see the difference from the grainy black & white pictures available?

Can anyone please help my poor old eyes and post a picture of a Met Police helmet from the 1880s so that I can determine the correct shape?

Thanks again Dave.

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I apologise in advance to forum members for clogging this thread with questions but another quick one if I may?

This one is not advertised as Met police but would this be considered as the same or similar?  

It certainly looks similar to these "novice" eyes!



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It transpired that the above helmet did not have 6 panels on the exterior as first led to believe, but rather a 6 panel construction interior!

So, the hunt continues.

Can anyone please tell me if the Victorian era Met Police helmets ever had a single vent hole and if so, when did they change to two vents?


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