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Hi guys,

Here is one embroidered star and I would like to know what for it is - horse blanket, etc? Also from what period?

Plan is to pu it up on sale because its not fit into my collection.... if someone can advise me regarding the value, it would be great.

Kind Regards,

Timo aka Noor


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Hello Timo!

That looks like you've got a Cheshire Regiment blazer badge there, I don't know about the value, but a quick Google session turned up prices ~£10 (but yours seems to be bullion, so maybe a little more?). Why not use it in a display of medals to the Cheshires instead of selling it? (Then again, my opinion might be biased, I'm a man of the cloth myself!)


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Hi guys,

Thank you for clarification! Unfortunately this piece do not fit into my collection and I listed it up for a sale. Hopefully someone, who collects that regiment, etc find it handy to have.

Thanks again,


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