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Oval silver merit medal, Hzg Carl Eduard, Cobourg Gotha

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Hi gentlemen !

I need your help, I already possess this very nice medal :


Seems to be in silver, 52mm x 32,4mm / 27g.

Very hight level of details...

I recently purchase a second one :


50,1mm x 31,4mm / 19,3g

The engraving is blured, especially when you compare the two medals... Seems to be silvered metal, very lighter, in fact.

So what do you think about these two medals ? The second can be a 30's model ? Or a fake ?

Thank you for your help !


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I had one of these once and will posts pictures when I get home. I'm curious too. I would think it should be silver, I don't think mine was and mine didn't have a cut out crown. If I was a betting man, I'd think the one I had wasn't an issue piece, put a copy of some sort.

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This is the one I had in my Richthofen bar. I have a better one at home of the single medal obverse and reverse.

Do you really possess this bar :banger: :banger: :banger: What a beauty !


But, is it the good clasp on the oval Carl Eduard medal ?

I thought there was only the year of awarding, and a band with the date ?

This on the bar looks like a clasp for SEHO medal...


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I built a replica of von Richthofens medal bar using original medals. I couldn't find the correct clasp for the SCG medal so I used that one. I later disassembled it and returned the medals to their original ribbons and sold them off for a new project I had in the works. Ultimately, finding the medals was the fun part not having the medal bar.

I couldn't repete the effort now because of cost.

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Hi Daniel,

For my information, did you find a Bavarian military merit order 3rd class with swords or did you find a fourth class ?


No I used the 4th class.

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1812 Overture,

Thanks for your comments. 

I have a few unanswered questions in regards to this medal and clasp. Firstly, I am not sure whether this medal is pre 1935 or not. Is does not have a silver hallmark on the rim, or the maker L.Chr. Lauer at the lower left of the Reverse of the medal. I believe that Paul Meybauer made some but I do not know whether he produced the silver version and I am unsure whether this is a Meybauer produced medal anyway. Any answers to these questions are most welcome.



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Graham, I might be a bit late to the party, but... when Künker sold another part of the Peter Groch collection in autumn, there where five different examples of this medal offered. Might that be a helpful reference?

Even later to another party: Revisiting the whole thread, I'd suggest that Daniel Cole's example, shown May 18, 2011(!), is not and never was a Herzog-Carl-Eduard-Medaille, but rather the Ehrenzeichen für Heimatverdienst, which is an award on its own, with its own ribbon - but with no own design. There are some minor traces of the bronze toning left... the two medal bars shown by 1812 Overture compare these two awards most vividly!

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