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Gold Merit Cross with Crown


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..hello.. the case is in superb condition, but its not for this "old type" cross, but for one with "normal" crown... i have bought it together with a decree for GVK mdK.. here are some photos... unfortunatly no inscription or makers logo...

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Haynau: ..no, the cross was bought here in Slovakia, the case + the decree (few threads befor this) came from Croatia... But as I wrote, the case is made for classic cross, not this one with small crown... but I have bought the cross in Mayers case dated 1907, so I am waiting for an old case (with FJ/V initials on the lid) to buy...

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Here a wartime decree.

For most of the war this officer was a leader of an Artillery Reconoissance team and won several medals for that.

How he ended up in the Artillery Restmaterial collection department is unclear to me.

He had no wounded medal so that is not it maybe otherwise physical or psychological unfit to continu the difficult fighting tasks?


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