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Two-Place Ribbon Bar

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Makes prefect sense; owner of this bar enterd to the war after 1914 Star (mons star) and 1914-1915 Star entitlment date (check on the wiki regarding these stars). Probably owner was new army recruit and was sent to the action abroad after 1915.




The 1914-15 Star was approved in 1918, for issue to officers and men of British and Imperial forces who served in any theatre of the War between 5 August 1914 and 31 December 1915
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Hi guys,

:D:P Well... I learned something new again.

Obviously, I don't collect British awards as much as other areas and didn't know that the Star (1914-15) ended in 1915. I knew the Mons Star was limited to a certain timeframe but always assumed the 14/15 Star was something that carried out until the end of the war, only the design remained the same. Hey, go figure!

With that, I can see the ribbon as is, other than the MID is in fact upside down. I have seen this incorrect placement before, so assume its something that did happen occasionally?

Thanks again Timo and Jeff! :beer:


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