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"Wehrmacht Ordnungsdienst / MILITARY POLICE" armband

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Hello Marc,

I have one of these in my collection. I believe it dates from immediately after the war when many former members of the Military Police were employed by the British in the British sector of occupied Germany to control the many German soldiers who were being processed through the various discharge centres. It is a matter of record that the British Army (VIII Corps)had almost a full Regiment of former Feldgendarmen still employed by them

Here is my example


I have also seen them referred to as for German Military Police on the Channel Islands during WW2 but I think that is not correct.

Here are some German MPs directing British traffic after the end of the war ( note they are still armed !)

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Dear Gordon,

Many thanks for your clear and pertinent reply.

This armband was indeed offered for sale as being for German Military Police on the Channel Islands. To me, it sounded too nice to be true.

But on the other hand I didn't know that ex-Feldgendarmerie personnel were still employed by allied troops after the war. "Unfortunately", your explanation sounds much more realistic.

Anyway this armband remains a very interesting and historic piece.

All the best,


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Hello Marc,

Yes indeed it is still a rare and interesting piece !

Both Feldgendarmerie and Feldjäger troops continued to be used by the Allies for some months after the war ended. Feldjäger were mostly in the American zone with Feldgendarmerie in both the British and American zones. I'm sure many allied troops were surprised to see armed Feldgendarmerie controlling traffic. You can see how the two British troops in the armoured car in the photo above are looking back at the German MPs. Probably thinking "What the F....!"

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