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Army Service Number from WW1 question

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Hi guys,

One more question - I have here one medal what belonged to Pte. Daniel McCormack, G-1884, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

I got his MIC and it shows that he was entitled only for a pair + SWB. Unfortunately his service papers didn't survived. Not sure about the pension papers - I wasn't able to locate them anyway.

I would like to confirm that he was new recruit? But like I understand (http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?app=forums&module=post&section=post&do=new_post&f=16) continued with the same number series as pre war period? In this case what the G- means front of the number?

Any information about the number or information about the Private Daniel McCormack would be great!

Kind Regards,

Timo aka Noor


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"G" was used as a prefix by Home Counties regiments, eg the West Kents, East Surreys, Royal Fusiliers and Royal Artillery units raised in the area, but it turns up on medals to lots of non - Home Counties regiments including Royal Irish Fusiliers, presumably because men have transferred but kept their old number.

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Guest pikemedals

hi noor.i check his mic and it a g prefix on his mic.the royal irish fusiliers is his only regiment on the mic as well.maybe he transferred before the war ?

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