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Mike, wow, super!

Thank you.. :cheers:

Can you tell us some of the characteristics?


OK, the reasons I am thinking Poellath are:

- The rear setup is very similar to that used on a Poellath I used to have - the badge was not marked but came in a Poellath packet - the badge and packet appered to have been together a very long time.

- The front of your WB is again very similar to the Poellath I used to have.

As for the badge being early war - the materials are classic early war materials. Later badges were often made of steel or zinc. That said, brass and tombak were also used later in the war - however they were more scarce materials then.

Below are some pictures of the Poellath I used to own.


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The difference being the lines on the hand guard of the swords. Windu's has no lines as far as I can see, non visible front or back. Not a major difference, but one all the same



David the lines are there they are just not as defined. Looking more closely there are other differences - such as the lorrel leaves - but that could be "wear and tear".

Below is an unmarked BWB from my collection that is almost identical to Windu's BWB - except the lines on the hand guard are more defined.


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