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I have recently bought a collection of 17 bayonets - some rare ones amongst them. I will gradually post the more interesting ones and perhaps members will add details. However, this morning , quite out of the blue , I bought an Italian dress dagger - and this turns out to have belonged to quite a high official.

Mussolini had great admiration for Hitler and his Third Reich and attempted to copy them in many aspects of equipment and uniform. Ornamental dress daggers for different groups and ranks were adopted and this example turns out to be a MVSN (not sure what this stands for ?) for a Fascist High

Leader. I am assuming that this a high party official - possibly in charge of an area ? The refs. show that they mainly had white handles - however, more rarely black handles - as here - were used.

The Fasces - or, the old Roman symbol for a Magistrate, the rods meaning that he could order a flogging - and the axe, death - were adopted by the Fascisti and are present on the handle in brass. The black scabbard has a copper base section and brass bands for the suspension rings. The dagger is 13 .5 " overall (33cms) - the pommel and grip are 4.5" (11cm) and the chromed blade is 8" (20cm). There are no makers marks - which seems to be the norm.

These Italian daggers are far fewer then the German ones - although usually less in price. I look forward to any comments.

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Mervyn... I absolutely LOVE these daggers! Have wanted one forever and a day... even a nice replica but so far... no luck. One of these days... rolleyes.gif

Here's some info: The MSVN is the Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale or Voluntary Militia for National Security. Here's a good bit of info on them:


Hope this helps. beer.gif

Dan cheers.gif

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Dan - thankyou very much for all of that information. I found it fascinating reading - however, although it shows ranks - it makes no mention of a Fascist High Leader. He must have been a political official ? Perhaps someone may know ?

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