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Research Help Please: Kleinhans- RIR83, IR466

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Hello Gentlemen,

I highly enjoy doing Imperial research, but one comes to a point where he either runs out of resources or otherwise gets stuck and needs to go to the experts for assistance. I'm at that point.

Earlier this year, I purchased a Imperial document Feldpost kit grouping from a good friend of mine over on the Wehrmacht-Awards forum, my main haunt. I'm trying to find as much information as it is possible to find on the soldier in question: Unteroffizer- later Leutnant der Reserve- Karl Kleinhans (possibly Kleinhaus) of Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 83 and later Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 466. I'll just go ahead and post everything in the grouping, I'd like to hear any thoughts about any of the items.

Most important, a letter written to the father of Uffz. Kleinhans sent from Senuc, France sending his EKII home to his father. This letter was sent right after RIR83 arrived in France, having previously fought in on the Eastern Front and Serbia. I'd also like to find out any possible information about the Leutnant and Kompanie-Führer of 11. Kom, RIR83 who wrote the letter. I can't make out his name.


Feldpost kit that everything came in, made of cardboard.


Inside cover of the Feldpost kit showing 1917/18 calendar. Attached to the folder are paper and envelopes that could be torn off and used, some of these still remain.


Packet of 15 lick-and-stick labels showing the name of the soldier in question


Fortunately, one of the lick-and-stick labels was filled out and never used, giving us some further information


Not sure what this is, some kind of money order?



A couple of odd and out-of-place items were in the grouping, including this from the Hessian People's Writing Club


Another odd item. Is anyone able to decipher the writing on the back? Some kind of measurements?


Unit stamp for what looks like 7. Kom, IR466


Thanks for any and all help!

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Yes, Alsheim. I thought it was pretty interesting that a guy from the Grand Duchy of Hesse wasn't in a Hessian unit, rather Prussian units from Kurhessen/Hessen-Nassau, right next-door (as well as a bunch of guys from Waldeck.)

So how would one go about finding information about Lt. Kleinhauss and Lt. Anding? I haven't been able to get anything out of the Ranglisten or the 1926 Ehren-Rangliste since they don't deal with the reserve regiments or the regular infantry as high as Nr. 466.

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