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Persia Lion Sun Military Division


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Officially instituted in 1852 and called the Nishan-i-Ilmi (Order of the Arts and Sciences) as a reward artistic and scientific merit for those who had achieved success in their studies at the recently founded Polytechnic College of Tehran. Later converted to a full scale state order of merit for the advancement of learning and dissemination of knowledge by scientists, writers, educators, artists, etc. (Thank You James Hoard for this information!) According to an article written by Robert Macnamara in OMSA publication, This order had four classes, beginning with a copper medal, then an eight-pointed badge, in silver and in gilt, and a ten-pointed badge in gilt for first class. The upper classes in particular were more or less reserved for foreign professors, many from Vienna, who staffed the institution. This medal was in it's original Halley Lasne box. Markus collection. Made by the firm Halley Lasne when they were at 5 Galeria Montpensier Palais-Royal address. The military style of lion with sword and Qajar crown above the sun was used on Persian orders prior to 1872 and issued as a military award.

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Markus, this is indeed a very rare and very distinguished piece that you have collected.

To find a pre-1872 Lion and Sun is rare enough. To find one in perfect condition, with the original ribbon, and the original case in pristine condition .... !!!!!

Your collection of Lions and Sun is truly world class and there wouldn't be more than a handful of individuals in the world with comparable collections of this very beautiful Order.


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