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Help requested - identification of Preussen & Reuss related medalbar

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I would very much appreciate your help identifying this medal bar, if at all possible.

I've searched GMiC for it, but unfortunately did not find it.

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi Sandro!

Congrats! :cheers::cheers::cheers:

I tried twice to buy it, but destiny didn't want to give me a chance to successfully bring to a happy end the deal. I know the previous owner, so it comes from a really very trustful collection.

I also know that in the past fellow collectors tried to research on the original owner of the bar, but without any results. Nonetheless it's a fantastic medal bar of a brave long serving Prussian officer. That Rettungsmedaille is quite interesting... I thought because of that the name of the officer could be found.

I have also a couple of nice bars with either exotic combinations or orders, but sometimes these bars cannot researched, or maybe you must pray that somebody has the time, money and patience to find and research rolls of orders of States like Reuss... :rolleyes: I haven't heard that this has been done or even if there's a slight chance to find something lying around in some dark archives in Germany. But who knows...



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