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Saxony Weimar, general honor medal, with X

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Hi gentlemen !

I want to buy this medal, on Straube.de...


The problem is that crossed swords doesn't look like the two other medal I possess :


So is it a variant, a post war item or a fake ?

Thank you for your help !


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Hi JB,

You are right about the swords. There is something wrong on it.

Form ewhen I have a doubt I don't buy the cross, just my 2 cents


The swords look to be of "later manufacture" added by someone hoping to make a few bob on top, I think the medal itself is probably OK.


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My understanding is that the swords with squared crossguards are usually seen on the early medals made of solid bronze, silver or gilt silver. The swords with swallowtail shaped crossguards are seen on later, plated zinc awards. If this is an early example, the medal should be marked "SILBER 990" on the edge near the suspension. You can see a very similar set of swords on the silver example 3317 on Page 1356 of Vol. III of "Nimmergut" and on the silver gilt example on this group:

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Hi !

I still received it today !

Very nice medal, with totaly intact gilt...

Front side :


Backside :


The medal is 36mm diameter, the clasp measure 18,2 x 44,2mm

Weight (with ribbon) : 31,8g

I can now show you a nice series :



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