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A Royal Hungarian St. Stephen's Order to a French General

Elmar Lang

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During San Giorgio's sale of Orders & Decorations of June 11th, 2011, the complete group of the Royal Hungarian St. Stephen's Order awarded in 1867 to General Edgar Napoléon Ney (1812 - 1882), reached the record price of 40.000,- Euro (start at 7.000,-). Since in my opinion it will pass much time, until it will possibly appear again on the market, after having been kindly authorized by the buyer, I would like to post here some good pictures of the group.

It is interesting to note that the sash badge is of the transitional type as awarded in 19th Century; in other words, a cross from 18th Century with the one-sided crown transformed from being a ribbon "buckle" to a suspension, after having the rear loops removed and changed with a long ribbon-ring with a link connected to the cross's upper loop (pictures shall say much more than my poor English); the breast star is typical of the type awarded between 1860-80. Having the order been awarded in 1867 there are silver marks introduced in Austria that year.

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