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1900-1901 China Medal


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anybody??? I know it's not a great photo and I don't have close-ups but has anyone seen the better fakes out there, and does this look like one of them?

I would have minor reservations about the piece, it is certainly struck from a different set of dies from the piece illustrated in Diakov, the position of the hyphen is more central and there is a variation on the serifs of the K.

Just over 110,000 silver medals were issued so it is possible that they made more than one set of dies. 20 years ago I wouldn't have worried as they Weren't worth a light but unfortunately there are now some very good workshops in Moscow and the Ukraine especially and I fear that the Russian market will go through the same problems that the German market went through when the late, great master Ernst Blass was producing his works of art in immense quantities. It caused a large number of collectors to relinquish the pursuit causing a depression in the Imperial German market.

What worries me especially is that the fake are getting better and better that even the so called experts in Russia are being bamboozled and many fakes are passing off as legitimate..

I would be interested in our Russian members opinions.

I am sorry I can't be more conclusive but I hope that this is of some help.

Best wishes,


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<<<Sorry for the late response>>>>

Thank you Paul and Barzda for your responses.

I already had a bad feeling about the medal but wasn't sure if it was based on paranoia or past experience. I was looking for some advice and you were both instrumental in providing that guidance. Thank you.

I will act accordingly.

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