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I have a Patent issued to a Carl Christian von Watter, appointing him as a Second-Lieutenant in the Unruh'schen Infanterie Regiment in 1797. I believe he died in the 1830's, but if anyone has more information on this fellow, it would be much appreciated.

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I think you may have two different officers. It is highly unlikely that an offier would rise from Sek.Lt. to Oberst in 18 years (with the exception or royals, of course.)

The 1828 reprint (2nd edition) of the 1806 Rangliste (with the changes between 1806 and 1828 given)shows a Sek.Lt. von Watter in Regiment Zweiffel (Nr. 45), which until December 1805 was Regiment Unruh. It notes that Sek.Lt. von Watter left the army in 1806 as a captain.

Also, there is no other officer named von Watter to be found in this Rangliste.


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