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Order of the Red Star for service in Somalia

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I posted this Red Star on another forum not too long ago and finally got around to putting it here. :cheers:

This award is fully researched - award card, citation, ukaz, and service record. However, I will only post short clips of these documents here, in part per the request of my researcher. This info is the most important, though.

The recipient was aviation Major and received 5 unspecified medals in addition to this Red Star (#3,681,XXX). The 10th Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, which he served in, covered military assistance to foreign nations. Here is the citation for his Red Star:

"During his term traveling abroad since September 1972 as a specialist with the commander of a MIG-17 squadron in the National Army, he has proved to be a disciplined, honest, and demanding officer. He pays a lot of attention to the theoretical and flight training of the aircrews. As a result, the personnel of the squadron can conduct air combating, strafing and bombing of ground targets, flying in day and night and in ordinary and difficult weather conditions. The air squadron with which Comrade X works received an excellent evaluation from the Air Force Commander of the host country for military and personal training in 1972.

Comrade X constantly continues to improve his military preparation during his stay and has flown more than 140 hours.

He takes active involvement in informational propaganda work among foreigners.

Conclusion: for the conscientious performance of duty in foreign travel he is worthy of being awarded the Order of the Red Star."

As far as any of the experts can tell (and I've consulted many), this Red Star is the only known award for service in Somalia. :ninja: About 20 additional awards listed on the ukaz - roughly half were Red Stars, half Combat Merit Medals, and two Orders of the Badge of Honor - but none of these have come to light.

The history of Soviet involvement in Somalia and Ethiopia from 1970 to 1980 is quite interesting. Here's a good link if anyone is interested: Foreign Military Assistance to Somalia. Also look up the Ogaden War.

Thanks for looking! :cheers:


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