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Need some document Id help..

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It is difficult to say for sure... It seems the first one is a Stahlhelm commemorative certificae.

The Saartreuestaffel was an effort to show solidarity with the Saarland... Many Thousands of Athletes from German Sport associations took part and carried messages of support to A.H. in Koblenz.

This was a document to someone who took part in it.

Would be an interesting research project to see how that was carried out.



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I'm new here. But, I collected Stahlhelm for many years until the early 90s when I sold off my collection. The Stahlhelm certificate is an Honour Certificate for participation in the Stahlhelm, awarded to 'Hermann Godde'. It more accurately says "In Commemoration for the Combattant member". It has the embossed seal of the Stahlhelm central committee with the first pattern Stahlhelm leaders Star Badge (worn on the cross belt) in the center. The document was given out at the annual Stahlhelm rallies. This one is pre-1933 and probably from the mid-20s.

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