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Austrian six place medal bar


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I was seeking some opinions on the following medal bar, apologies for the limited photo. I was interested to know if the precedence was correct, whether the absence of a long service award was a cause of concern, perhaps a reservist in 1908? It is an impressive number lower order of medals, looks like a lot of form filling was done by the recipient to get this lot!

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Its a bit odd - but certianly plausable - the 1908 cross is for civil servants - hence there is no long service award. Looks like he was a deputy clerk and in 1945/15 he gets called up and serves on the Italian front - probably in a HQ, near the guns, but not near enough to warrant a combat bravery type award. I would be very interested in seeing the reverse before making a positive judgement.

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Sure - could be an officer or nco bar I would say.

Kun Bela was a civil servant then enlisted with the KUK as a reserve officer - was wounded in 1915 then sent back to the front and was captured shortly afterwards - then returned to Hungary and led the brutal Hungarian Soviet Ruepublic for 119 days... his bar would probably look something similar to this - but with the exception of the Triol medal and the addition of the wound medal...

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Three of the medals:-

Nazi Germany 1934 period Hindenburg Cross for Combatant.

Austrian Commemorative Medal for W.W.1 with swords device for Combatant.

The Hungarian Commemorative Medal for W.W.1 for Combatant

are all post W.W.1 issue, and indicate he was a combatant who saw service with / alongside the Germans, possibly in the Tyrol.

The Tyrol Service Medal I believe to be a post war issue(?)

So that would leave him with the

1908 Cross for Civil servants.

Karl Troop Cross for Mobilization

as his wartime period awards.

Without paper work probably hard to pin down.

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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