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China, 1900-1

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There were three clasps:

1- Taku Forts (mainly Naval)

2- Defence of Legations (immensely rare, as you may surmise)

3- Relief of Pekin

It was awarded in silver to combat troops and in bronze to non-combatants, mainly "followers" in the Indian Army.

A "type collection":

1- 147 Sepoy Sheo Narain Alwar I. S. Infy.

2- RELIEF OF PEKIN - 119 Sapper Niamakullah Be S & M (also shown above)

3- bronze - 388 Syce Kumar, 3d Q. O. Bo Lt Cavy

4- bronze - RELIEF OF PEKIN - Grass Cutter Tirkha 1st Bl Lcrs

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A token group:

825 Sepoy Ran Singh, 34th Punjab Pioneers

1- India General Service 1854 - HAZARA 1888 - "825 Sepoy Ran Singh 34th Bl Infy"

2- The India Medal 1895 - RofC 1895, PF 1897-98, TIRAH 1897-98 - "825 Sepoy Ran Singh 34th Bl Infy"

3- China War 1900 - "825 Sepoy Ran Singh 34th Pab Pioneers"

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Two tangential oddities: the Germans ALSO issued a bar for "Taku" to their naval personnel, an unusual case when more than one country actually agreed on the significance of the same action--and called it by the same name, too--

and the German relief of Peking bar was "Seymour Expedition," named after the British Admiral commanding (himself an ancient veteran of EARLIER campaigns in China).

I am unaware of any other nation ever having issued a campaign clasp in the name of an ALLIED commander!

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