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American (US) Victory Medals

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Hi Gents,

The first acqusition of 2013 ....


.... a pretty average Official Type 2 US vic .... but named around the whole edge.


The name is J STANLEY GORDON U.S. NAVY Q.M. 1st CLASS. There is a tiny C after the U and a tiny G after the S, so I guess he was in the Coast Guard. The engraving is very elegantly done.

I know that the Navy regs allowed the recipients to have the medal named at their own expense, but I haven't seen many examples. Please post them if you have them.

Any comments welcome.


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Oi Peron

Estes são os possíveis candidatos:

5ª, 35ª, 78ª, 79ª, 80ª, 82ª, 89ª, 90ª, 92ª Divisão


This potential candidates

5th Div.

35th Div.

78th Div.

79th Div.

80th Div.

82th Div.

89th Div.

90th Div.

92th Div.


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4th Division, 13th, 16th &
77th Field Artillery

5th Division, 60th, 61st, 6th
& 11th Infantry

5th Division, 13th, 14th &
15th Machine Gun Battalion

5th Division, 5th Ammunition Train

5th Division, 7th Engineers

5th Division, 5th Supply Train

5th Division,5th Headquarters & Military Police Co.

5th Division, 5th Sanitary Train
(Ambulance Co. & Field Hospitals 17, 25, 29, 30)

30th Division, 113th, 114th &
115th Field Artillery

30th Division, 105th Ammunition

30th Division, 105th Trench Mortar

33rd Division, 122nd, 123rd &
124th Field Artillery

33rd Division, 108th Ammunition

35th Division, 137th, 138th, 139th
& 140th Infantry

35th Division, 129th & 130th
Machine Gun Battalion

35th Division, 128th, 129th &
130th Field Artillery

35th Division, 110th Ammunition

35th Division, 110th Engineer

35th Division, 110th Field Signal

35th Division, 110th Supply Train

35th Division, 110th Trench Mortar

35th Division, 35th Headquarters
& Military Police Co.

35th Division, 110th Sanitary Train
(Ambulance Co. Field Hospitals 137, 138, 139, 140)

36th Division, 111th Engineer

78th Division, 309th, 310th, 311th
& 312th Infantry

78th Division, 307th, 308th & 309th
Machine Gun Battalion

78th Division, 307th, 308th &
309th Field Artillery

78th Division, 303rd Field Signal

78th Division, 303rd Trench Mortar

78th Division, 303rd Ammunition

78th Division, 303rd Supply Train

78th Division, 303rd Engineer

78th Division, Headquarters &
Military Police Co.

78th Division, 303rd Sanitary
Train (Ambulance Co. Field Hospitals 309, 310, 311, 312)

82nd Division, 325nd, 326th, 327th
& 328th Infantry

82nd Division, 319th, 320th &
321st Machine Gun Battalion

82nd Division, 319th, 320th &
321st Field Artillery

82nd Division, 307th Ammunition

82nd Division, 307th Engineer

82nd Division, 307th Field Signal

82nd Division, 307th Trench Mortar

82nd Division, 307th Supply Train

82nd Division, Headquarters &
Military Police Co.

82nd Division, 307th Sanitary Train
(Ambulance Co. Field Hospitals 325, 326, 327, 328)

85th Division, 328th & 329th
Field Artillery

85th Division, 310th Engineer 2nd

89th Division, 353rd, 354th, 355th
& 356th Infantry

89th Division, 340th, 341st &
342nd Machine Gun Battalion

89th Division, 314th Engineer

89th Division, 314th Field Signal

89th Division, 314th Trench Mortar

89th Division, 314th Supply Train

89th Division, 314th Headquarters
& Military Police Co.

89th Division, 314th Sanitary Train
(Ambulance Co. Field Hospitals 353, 354, 355, 356)

90th Division, 357th, 358th, 359th
& 360th Infantry

90th Division, 343rd, 344th &
345th Machine Gun Battalion

90th Division, 315th Engineer

90th Division, 315th Field Signal

90th Division, 315th Supply Train

90th Division, 315th Headquarters
& Military Police Co.

90th Division, 315th Sanitary
Train (Ambulance Co. Field Hospitals 357, 358, 359, 360)

Balloon Company 3rd, 5th, 6th,
7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 16th, 42nd, 43rd

Air Park 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Air Service / Photo Section No. 2,
5, 6

Coastal Artillery Corps / Regiment
24nd, 43rd, 57th, 59th, 60th, 65th

Engineers 15th

Aero Squadron / Observation, 9th,
11th, 20th & 24th

Aero Squadron / Pursuit 13th

Engineers / Quarry 28,

Engineers / Service Battalion 537,

Engineers / Water Supply 26,

Engineers 17, 21, 37,

Field Signal Battalion 317th &

Motor Transportation Corps / 414th
Motor Supply Train

Motor Transportation Corps / 418th
Motor Supply Train

Motor Transportation Corps / Machine
Shop Truck Unit No.322

Ordnance Department / Mobile
Ordnance Repair Shop 303rd

Pioneer Infantry 53rd

Quartermaster Corps / 301st Field Remount Squadron

Signal Corps / Telegraph Bn. 55th
& 401st

Tank Corps / Battalion 344th &

U.S. Army Ambulance Sector 520th,
521st, 560th, 569th, 570th, 571st, 590th, 599th, 601st, 602nd,

U.S. Army Ambulance Sector 602nd,
603rd, 604th,

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Off subject just for a moment.

To All

I need some help on identifying: 1) The other collar insignia next to the collar disk with crossed cannons. 2) Also the eagle to the right of the Victory medal. 3) Last the medal to the left of the Victory medal and the 2 ribbons above.

I just purchased this photo and it is signed by a Sgt. Alex Arch, 6th Field Artillery, 1St Division. He was credited pulling the lanyard on a French 75mm and firing the first U.S. Artillery piece in WWI for the AEF.

Thanks JM


It just so happens, I can answer about the insignia next to the crossed cannons on his collar. It's the Regimental Insignia for the 6th Field Artillery! Which just happens to be my regiment - and thus my avatar!

Rob's answer about the Mexican Service Medal might be incorrect though. I think it's the Mexican Border Service Medal - which the 6th Field Artillery definately performed around 1916 from El Paso.

As for the eagle on his chest - no idea. Maybe a local medal of some sort for veterans.

This is a great photo (I added it to this post since it didn't come forward in your quote very weel)! I envy you as I collect anything I can get my hands on to the 6th Field Artillery. If you ever decide to part with it...let me know.

I presume his 5-bar Victory is the standard for the 1st Infantry Division; probably difficult to read the actual bars in the photo though.

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Thanks for that information IrishGunner,

He is Sgt. Alex L. Arch of C Co. 6th Field Artillery, 1st Division.

He was Credited with pulling the lanyard on the French 75mm which fired the first shot in anger of the AEF against German forces. It occurred at Xanrey in the Luneville sector of Lorraine on October 23, 1917.

I must add the photo is signed by Alex, Jim

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To all,

These particular bars to the US vic have started to appear on the online auction sites.

Any thoughts from our US readership as to the origin of this latest addition to the never-ending number of varieties to the US vic.



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Hi Gents,

Another interesting thread on the US Militaria Forum - http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/168889-latest-reproduction-clasps/page__hl__+ww1%20+clasp#entry1285169

The thread starts with fake clasps (including the ones mentioned by Rob in post # 416), but then goes on to the reissue US vics and their makers. It was started by Tim B and has the usual authoritative input from Johnnymac.

There are web sites for two of the makers of the reissues mentioned:

Graco (now part of Northweat Territorial Mint) https://store.nwtmint.com/product_details/4475/World_War_I_Victory_Full_Size_Medal/

Ira Green Inc http://www.iragreen.com/view/892/3079/


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Hi Bilco,

Neither of these two sites show the correct government issue contract medals. These two medals are the type sold to general public. Graco (now part of Northweat Territorial Mint) https://store.nwtmin...ull_Size_Medal/ and Ira Green Inc http://www.iragreen.com/view/892/3079/

And, might I add this about your posting "Another interesting thread on US Militaria Forum". I bow my head to Tim B as he is the master of information in so many different types of medals. Many different medal forums would be very boring without his input. My interest lay deep in only the Victory medal, where his as I have found is deep in many types of medals.

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Hi Jim,

Many thanks for the correction - are there pictures of the proper Government issue items by these two companies anywhere on the internet? I just Googled the names having read the thread.

Tim B is responsible for this section's existance and was its first Moderator. He gave me great help and encouragement when I started collecting the vics.


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Hi Gents,

An interesting item on eBay - a Cambrai clasp with pin attachment - item # 160993973593

Said to be 'old stock' from a closed-down dealer in Paris.


Hello Bill,

This same vendor had a clasp that is quite shiny and appears to be of recent manufacture. The lettering appears to be much more squat and elongated compared to the official strikes.



Edited by RobW
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This is insane!

The ribbon is repro- type used by "a known" after market venter.

The Overseas clasp is an Army style clasp repro not a - Navy style.

England clasp is from an Army original from what i can see.

France clasps is a known French made Army style repro.

The Transport is an original mint "Late" issue clasp.

And it has seven hours to go until it ends and it is up to $320 USD or 207 GBP "insane".

ebay # 221217686746


Edited by johnnymac
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