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New bar to the South-West Asia Campaign Star

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The Canadian South-West Asia Campaign Star has a new bar system replacing the initial "ISAF" clasp. These bars are misleadingly called "rotation bars". Canadians usually rotated every 6 months (180 days) but have only rotated every 9 months for the past few years meaning the number of bars cannot really denote the number of rotations but in reality, the number of days served in theater.

The clasp at top is now defunct and no longer allowed for wear. The bar at bottom replaces it.

The bar bearing 5 maple leaves is worn in lieu of 5 bars.

The bars are presented in a black felt lined red cardboard box bearing the Canadian coat of arms (in gold) on the cover. The bars are lightly sewn to a length of ribbon.

The star is awarded for 30 days service in theater. Each bar represents 180 days in theater. Each bar is denoted on the undress ribbon by a corresponding coloured (silver, gold or red) maple leaf device. Silver device for 1 bar, gold for 2, red for 3, a red and a silver for 4, a red and a gold for 5 etc. The system is presently set up for recognition of service in theater for up to 1110 days.

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The topic title in itself is confusing to me. South-West Asia Campaign Star?? Never heard of this one. I am familiar with the South-West Asia Service Medal. I am also familiar with the General Campaign Star with South-West Asia Ribbon. More commonly known as the GCS-SWA

The above information is very informative when it is understood you talking about the GCS-SWA.

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