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German Imperial Medal Bar with Finnish Liberty Cross

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if the internet pagee is correct, this one went for around 6600 Euro icl. fees.

I quite often pay more for things i really want, but in this case is there anything on the bar which i can t see?

Or maybe is it possible to put a name on it?



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Now that I took a closer look... a bargain.


Not me who bought it...

The only roll available is for the Wamdecl order. Till the other one are not done it will be difficult to put a name on it, too bad :banger:

This is someone one should look for in a Reichswehr rank list! The WVK4X/WF3bX combination is unusual.

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Hmm nice bar and not hard to Id I suppose , I know how many Liberty Cross 2nd 1918 that was awarded and the combo must be unique :)

These crosses were made in Germany by the way , by the firm Otto Oertel in Belin, while the medals were made by Sporrong in Sweden.

But still 6600 Euro is a lot, but if I had that kind of money to spend on my hobby so why not :rolleyes:

Nice catch :cheers:


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You are right about Reichswehr RL. This combo is unique. If ound the name of the owner of the bar. For me only one officer in the Reichswehr wore such combo.

I have forgotten to see in those books. Years ago I have made research about majors orders in the RL 1925. Now each important orders has been classified and it is easy to make research. I have just need to think about my work :rolleyes:


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Is there a book on the market available where to teach oneself the research of medal bars?

Not that I'd be aware of. I learned it all here and on other forums.

for me as a beginner. What means: WVK4X/WF3bX ?

Waldeck, Verdienstkreuz 4. Klasse mit Schwertern und Württemberg, Friedrichsorden, Ritterkreuz II. Klasse mit Schwertern. In "Ranglisten-Sprache"...

And why is this combo unique?

Well, because noone else wore it?


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there is a thread inwhich abreviations are explain. But for my own part I prefer using abreviations used by the Reichswehr Rangliste than the pre-war abreviations.



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