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German Marin sources announced this award to Oblt von Rohrscheidt on 1 Nov 17. I knew he was Army officer and

at that time commander of an Marine aviation unit.

I wonder if he is Oblt Werner von Rohrscheidt who eventually served at Idflieg stab in 1916.? He was an observer.

Any basic info on Rohrscheidt is welcome as I only have the information mentioned above.



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Werner von Rohrscheidt was, as far as I can tell, the only Oberleutnant von Rohrscheidt in November 1917. Werner Friedrich Wilhelm von Rohrscheidt, born 11 June 1889, was at the beginning of the was a Leutnant in Husaren-Regt. Nr. 6. He had just before the war transferred to the reserve, but returned to the active officer corps in August 1914. He was promoted Oberleutnant on 28 December 1916 and the Ehrenrangliste shows him as a Rittmeister a.D. He wasn't an Oberleutnant in 1916, though.

There was an Oberleutnant d.R. von Rohrscheidt in 1917 - Paul Dietrich von Rohrscheidt - but he was an Adjutant in 3. Garde-Feldart.-Regt. and the only award I have for him is an EK2. There was also Oberleutnant z.S Erik Henning von Rohrscheidt, but he was a submariner and the 1918 navy rank list shows him with just the EK1&2.

Of the other von Rohrscheidts:

1. Manfred v.R., Werner's brother, was a Lt. in HR 6 for the entire war. Commissioned a Lt. in June 1914, he was retired from active service as a Lt. in the Ers.Esk. of HR 6 in May 1918.

2. Kurt Gerhard v.R. was a Lt. in GR 5, promoted OLt. on 22.3.18

3. Friedrich Georg Arno Kurt v.R. was an OLt. in JRzP 10 in the 1914 RL, but was promoted Rittmeister on 4 July 1914. He was killed on 20 October 1918 with RIR 222.

4. Hans Kaspar Amandus v.R. was a Saxon OLt.d.L. 2. Aufgeb. who doesn't appear to have any front-line service.

5. Ernst Konrad Horst v.R., a Lt. in IR 28, was killed in action on 3 May 1917 with RIR 25.

6. Paul Friedrich Robert Max v.R. was a char. Major in the Invaliden-Haus in Berlin.

7. Egon v.R., Hptm. in FR 34, promoted Maj. on 5 Oct. 1916.

8. Bernhard Eduard Walter v.R., Major on the Great General Staff

9. Dr.jur. Hans Fritz Rudolf v.R., Hptm.d.R., 3.GFAR, on 15 February 1915

10. Herbert Gunter v.R., in 1914 a Lt. in the Reit.-Feldjäg.-Kps., promoted OLt. on 8 Oct. 1914 and Hauptmann on 18 Dec. 1915.

11. Joachim Jürgen v.R., killed in action on 24 August 1914 with HR 3.

12. Bodo Gerhard v.R., died as a result of wounds on 4 August 1915 as a Fähnrich in FR 33.

13. Friedrich Wilhelm Hans v.R., Oberst a.D., recalled as Kreis-Chef in Belgium, promoted to Generalmajor z.D. on 30 March 1918.

14. Klaus Hans Gustav Karl v.R., promoted Lt. in IR 93 on 1 March 1915, died as a result of wounds on 11 April 1917 with RIR 263.

There were also two von Rohrscheidts in Austro-Hungarian service. Ernst Alfred Friedrich was an Ökonomie-Offizier in Garn.-Hospital 1 and a Hptm.i.d.Ruhestand, and his brother Rudolf Alfred was a Gefangenen-Kontrollor and Hptm.i.d.Evidenz.

For two family members I don't have any information. Hans-Ulrich, the younger brother of Werner and Manfred, born 12 March 1900, was probably a cadet or officer candidate when the war ended, but I can't be sure. Günther Theodor Konrad von Rohrscheidt, born on 24 Dec. 1888, seems old enough to have served, but doesn't appear to have.

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Thanks Dave

You nailed him. According to my sources he was still Lt when serving at Idflieg in 1916. so he must have been

promoted to Oblt in the autumn of 1916.

On 3 Jan 17 he took over the command of LFS Wilhelmshaven, a unit he led until 27 Oct 17 when transferred to

II SFA. Then I lost the track of him...

He ought to have served within an FFA etc before joining Idflieg but I have been unable to find the unit until now.

I could not find his name in OC6, so apparently Neal missed him regarding this award.



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