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A pair of 8's


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Let's get some more chatter going gents!!!

These aren't necessarily unusual, maybe a bit less common to find - hallmarked 8th class awards - I find these all somewhat puzzling though. Here's an "M" hallmarked piece and a "N" hallmarked piece, Osaka Mint, and (I think) the Nippon Medal Making Company respectively. I can't say for sure, but I think the "N" piece may predate the other by a bit - it does have a larger mirror - but maybe this is just a difference in the makers' dies? The case kanji are similar in style - and all of the hallmarked pieces I've seen seem to come in cases like this. Both rosettes are hallmarked with the katakana "ス" - which I still don't quote get, but assume it is some other makers mark - perhaps all the makers contracted a single company to make these rosettes?? At any rate, these hallmarked pieces seem to fall within a date range that based on general observations put these into the 1920s to early 30's. Don't know - certainly open for discussion and enlightenment of this!!!

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