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I am searching added info regarding Hptm x Winter from FAR 46.

Already on 1 Jul 14 he joined the Fliegertruppe as observer. On 15 Jun 18 he was apparently

"kicked out" of the Fliegertruppe and had to return to his regiment.

Lt 201108, Oblt 220315, Hptm 220318

I knew that he after War was living in Celle near Hannover.

Anyone knew his date and place of birth..?

I am also looking for a first name..!



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I would have to go through the regimental history to see what it says. It basically starts right with the beginning of the war, though, with the pre-war period being covered in a separate booklet published in 1912. There are also several post-war publications floating around dealing with reunions as late as the 1950s. And there is the veterans' organization newsletter, of which I only have a few copies and am on the look-out for. It seems to be one of the better documented field artillery regiments. (Not to mention the fact that somebody on eBay is or was selling a cd of German WWI pics which included a few hundred from FAR46.)

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Thanks both biggrin.gif

I think he rather certain is the Karl Winter. The rank and address fits. Glenn if you found Südwall 22 I, then it is the exactly

same address.

He tried to receive the ErrAbz, but failed because the "circumstances" he left the Air Force.

Now it is only to find date and place birth.



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Here is the Winter who mentioned in the regimental history, perhaps he is Oscar Winter:

July 1, 1915: Winter tr. from 2. to 4. and promoted to Lt. 12. 12. 15 (p. 163)

entire 1916: Lt. Winter, 4., promoted 10. 12. 15 (p. 211)

Jan 1, 1917: Adj. Lt. Winter, Odr.-Offz. Stab II (F.) Abtl. (p. 218)

July 1, 1917: Adj. Lt. Winter, Odr.-Offz. Stab II (F.) Abtl. (p. 261)

Jan 1, 1918: Adj. Lt. Winter Stab II (F.) Abtl. - zur Kur in Bad Rehburg 17. 12. 17 to 12. 2. 18 (p. 350)

July 1, 1918: Adj. Lt. Winter II (F.) Abtl.until 29. 9. 18, sick to lazarett and then tr. to II. Ers. Abt. FAR46 (p. 416)

* from 12. 7. to 15. 8. Regt. Adj. in place of Lt. d. R. Richter

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