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Rectangular plates and my best guess at English translations:


• Main steering system


• Switchbox

Ers Vorwärmer – 5 Min später Ölreiniger abschalten

• First pre-heater - off 5 minutes later, oil cleaner

Lüfter darf nur zeitweise bei Schlichtfahrt ausgeschaltet warden

• Fans may only temporarily be turned off in finishing ride

Seewasser - vorwärmer erst einschalten wenn wasser umläuft

• Sea water - turn only when water heater circulates

Magnetkupplung für Langenwinkel

• Magnetic coupling for target angle (one of three angles of the firing triangle)

vordere rohre/achtere rohre

• front tubes/aft tubes

Zieloptik: (Ziel = target) Optical sight

TZR: Zielrichtungsgeber (T.Z.R.) Target angle sender

Schmutz-Motorenöl-Vorwärmer erst einschalten wenn Öl umläuft

• Dirty engine oil pre-heater turn on only when oil circulates

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Fascinating stuff Erik !

Given the range of U-Boat types and that fact that even the smallest of them must have had hundreds of such labels and many many gauges and similar bits of equipment, there must have been a bewildering amount of material like this - most of it now of course at the bottom of the sea.

Its a great pity there aren't any reference works available on this kind of material.

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i suspect you have had a fine time collecting these

wonderful pieces. i am trying to imagine where/from who/

how long you've been after them?

gordon's idea re: a reference concerning this might be a

challenge, but you've got a good start!


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Gordon, Joe, and Kapten,

Thanks for the comments. I too find these artifacts fascinating. You don't see a lot of this on the market - the occasional engine telegraph... I wonder if there is much of an audience for a reference book. I would love to see one!



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Very nice items, i like all these kind of u-boat relics.

The dive alarm is wonderful, i remember to bid on it several month ago!!! :whistle:



Thanks, Ben!

You have some pretty amazing U-Boat pieces in your collection. I particularly like the U-Boat folding table that you found in St Nazaire...



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