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Hi guys,

I took a couple of photos of some items in my Soviet collection today. Here are my suspension Red Banners of Combat, all awarded to different people. The only one I don't have researched is number 121,559--most likely a long service award, but it may be interesting to research the person, who would've served 20 years by 1944.

The most tragic citation is for Red Banner # 230,613 (second from right):

"Lieutenant Gr****v V.R., serving as Commander of BT-7 Tank Reconnaissance Platoon, 20 Army of Western Front, actively participated in battles with German Invaders from June 1941 to August 2, 1941. While defending Dnepr crossing to the right of Dorogobuzh was severely wounded. He lost both arms and one eye and is a Disabled Veteran 1 Group. Unemployed due to disability.For active involvement on the fronts of Patriotic War and severe wounds received, deserving of award of Red Banner of Combat.

26 July 1945"

The most dramatic citation: Red Banner # 291,633 (rightmost):

"January 27, 1945 in the neighborhood of Holbendorf village, in battles for the bridgehead on the left bank of river Oder, comrade Ka****syn demonstrated exceptional heroism and steadfastness in combat. When the enemy forces numbering up to a batallion of infantry with support of tanks and armored personnel carriers counterattacked our units with the aim of throwing them beyond the Oder, despite having his platoon bypassed by the enemy from the flank and threatened with full encirclement, comrade Ka****syn placed one machine gun on the left flank, and from another opened heavy fire at the enemy infantry which bypassed his platoon from the right. Personally directing fire, [he] personally destroyed up to a company of Hitlerites and an automobile. In this battle lasting 3 hours, comrade Ka****syn repelled 3 powerful counterattacks from the Germans. Repelling the second counterattack, comrade Ka****syn was wounded, but overcoming pain continued to personally fire at the enemy, repelling another counterattack, and remained at the machine gun until full repelling of counterattacks of Germans in this battle. Owing to the exceptional steadfastness and courage of comrade Ka****syn, the counterattacks of Germans were repelled and the bridgehead on the left bank of Oder was held.

For courage and steadfastness in battles for the Motherland, dedication, he is deserving of the title "HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION."

(downgraded to Red Banner)



Thanks for looking!


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How is the name of the village "Holbendorf village" written in rusian? Is it maybe Halbendorf village?

best regards


Thanks for the map Andreas. I too have been wrecking my brain trying to figure out the name of the village, looking up different combinations. It's written "Хольбендорф" in Russian... Thanks for your help! I'd assume the village is right on the river bank somewhere..

The only other reference to this village name, even in Russian, is from a memorial book:

"Кон Ефим Борисович, 1921 г. г. Одесса, Призван в 1940 г. Гвардии старший сержант, командир расчета 120 зенап. Погиб 17.4.1945 г. похоронен в с. Хольбендорф, округ Котбус (Германия)."

So if it helps, we know that this village was in Bezirk Cottbus.


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