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milipass+soldbuchs collection some interesting entries

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well im bored today and its hot here in north calif 100+ degrees, so decided to pull out the id's

and post some pics of entries if anyone could please translate the listings that would be great, if you guys like ill try and post some every other day if thats ok with you all??

ive got over 525 ids in my collection so this could take awhile...

enjoy the pics

thxs joe

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sorry for the delay, I am a WW! paper guy, but mainly award documents, the Militärpässe usully only if it comes with the award documents or is for a unit in a sector I am crazy about.

I would suggest with 500+ books a complete translation will take ages and ages and a huge amount of energy...

What say we agree on the following, a rough translation with highlights or things of interest pointed out?



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A very nice collection !


I can't read all pics but here are some translations.


Mitgemachte Gefechte (siehe Seite 3) : fightings (see page 3)

22.12.16 : StellungsKämpfe an der Somme (Position fights in Somme, France)

16.3.17 : Kämpfe vor der Siegfriedfront (Fights in Siegfriedfront)

21.4.17 : Frühjahrs schlacht bei Arras (spring battle near Arras, France)

9.6.17 : Schlacht in Flandern (battle in Flanders)


8 Kompanie Reserve Infanterie Regiment 122

Am 28.1.17 zu nebenstehenden Truppenteil (in the 128th reserve infantry regiment)

3.8.17 zu 2 Mashinen Gevehr Kompanie (in the machine gun company of the 128 RIR)

Mitgemachte Gefechten (fightings) :

1.2.17 Stellungskämpfe im Oberelsass (position fightings in Alsace)

19.2.17 Stellungskämpfe in Lothringen (position fightings in Lorraine)

22.5.17 Kämpfe am oberen Styr-Stochod (fight upper Styr-Stochot, Est front)

To be continued...


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