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two (most common) medals


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Hi guys,

I am slightly confused at the moment. Some how I knew all the time that there is a civilian version - white ribbon with the red stripes as well. Today I received this kind a medal and I can't find any reference on internet (maybe I am looking in wrong places).

I am sure there is:

- red ribbon - military

- red with black and white edge stripes - widows of the armed forces

- half white/half red - civil servants

now, was there this kind a civilian version in use as well or I just picked up medal with incorrect ribbon (most likely Diamond Jubilee 1908 armed foces ribbon)?


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General Campaign medal, 1873

Is there any specificmarks what would help to determinate the period of issue? Also what period they were in use: backwards from 1848 campaigns up to end of WW1? I can't remember many Austrian medal- or ribbon bar bars with that award.


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1. The Jubilee Medal of 1898 ha only two types of ribbon. The red one for military personel and the half red - half white one for civil servants. The Jubilee Cross of 1908 had three types of ribbon: red for ciliv servants, white with red stripes for military personel (seen in the picture) and red with white stripes for court personel.

2. The Kriegsmedaille (War Medal) was established in 1873. It was awarded retrospectively for the campaigns of 1848, 1849, 1859, 1864 and 1866. Later it was awarded for participation in the occupation of Bosnia-Hercegowina (1878) and for the repression of the insurgency in 1882. A few navy personel was awarded for the fights againts the Boxer rebellion. After 1918 it was widely used by veteran organisations, unofficially of course.

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I'm absolutely sure. I have read the statute for the medals and there is no mention of this version. Its clearly a german ribbon, only it was sewed together in the triangular, austro-hungarian fashion. Besides there is absolutely no photographic evidence of it.

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