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Hello gentlemen,

I have lost the name to this medal group.... :speechless::wacky: I can`t find it anymore on my computer but I am shure that this group had been discussed some time ago. I had the name of the owner together with some scans of the group but everything is gone.... maybe someone can help me and give me the owners name again...

thank you very much for your help


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Ah, so that grouping is yours!

It was indeed discussed on that other place about which we have chosen to remain silent here... :shame:

... and it was in connection with one of my bars which also has the Messina ribbon. I then tried to find the owner of your bar. It COULD be:

Albert Trenkler

born 20.2.1873, entered Navy 1892, Marine-Stabsing. 22.3.13, aD 13.9.1919 as char. Marine-Oberstabsing.

CO4, OFA1. He was onboard SMS Hertha which was sent for the Messina relief campaign. Don't know about any China assignment, though. And there are some other possibilities, but Trenkler is the only one from the two 1908 Messina crews (Hertha and Victoria Louise) with this combination who definitely got the Oldenburg.

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thank you very much!!! By the way, at the moment is a medal bar on ebay germany that is very similar to this one... again the Messina , without china but with additional enamel!!! 6246394627

Exactly. THAT guy was on Victoria Louise together with mine (Wilhelm Peters).

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Albert Trenkler doesn't show up in M?ller's China officers' Stellenliste because he was still only an "invisible" Deck Officer then.

Marine Ingenieur Oberaspirant 13.10.04

Marine Ingenieur 10.6.05 A

Marine Oberingenieur 27.3.09

He was on the Dezernat f?r Probefahrten und milit. Bauangelegenheiten in 4. Konstruktionsdepartement of the Reichs Marine Amt in 1911.

When last I find him, in 1939 he was

Beeidigter Sachverst?ndiger der Industrie- und Handels-Kammer, K?ln


Gutachter des Gutachter-Bundes der techn. wissenschaftl. Vereine im Oberlandesgerichtsbezirk K?ln


sales representative of the Dr?ger gas mask factory (L?beck)


sales representative of Firma A. Hernig, N?rnberg-- "W?rme- und K?ltetechnik."

He lived at Herrigergasse 9, K?ln (Tel. W 54981, if you are ever sent back in time to May 1939!)

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I always thought only the crews of the two german ships got the Messina medal.... are there other german soldiers / units that got that medal too??? Any ground troops helped in that catastrophe?

... no ... and name is known!

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