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The Queen’s Ambulance Service Medal (QAM)

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Here is a link to the Royal Warrant for this new British medal: http://www.dh.gov.uk...t/dh_128218.pdf

Here is a link showing the medal without its ribbon: http://www.mayorwatc...medal/201115724


I don't know why they don't simply extend the "Royal Red Cross" for exceptional service, both civil and military, for medical personnel generally.

Awards are so few in the purely medical military nursing field these days.



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Out of the nine awarded to date, one goes to a chief executive, one is to a director, two are to assistant directors, two go to heads of departments, one to a development officer and the remaining two have been awarded to... PARAMEDICS! It really should be the other away around.

These medals should be for outstanding service at the coalface, to the men and women up to their wrists in guts on frozen motorways at 3am, and not to managers and bean counters who've never seen the inside of an ambulance. There are other awards to reward managerial prowess, like MBEs etc. The QAM will simply become a QPM/QFSM clone to reward well-salaried upper management with the odd token worker ant thrown in for good measure.

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