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I have four pictures old photographs from the Kingdom of Württemberg From the 1866 war or before. I am still doing research on these and have ordered the references I need however, it will be a while before they arrive. Any help or hints would be appreciated.


ps1467 by joerookery, on Flickr


ps1468 by joerookery, on Flickr


ps1469 by joerookery, on Flickr


ps1466 by joerookery, on Flickr

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Bonsoir Joe,

Very nice photos !

Photo# 2 is unmistakebly 1870-1871 : the presence of the EK2 at the buttonhole attests for that.

All the more as the photo was taken in a French studio : "Valentin Rezé" was a photographer apparently long based at Reims (capital of Champagne).

Congratulations for these nice shots.



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I agree, the first two pictures are from the Franco-Prussian war! I learned something from that discovery. I am not so sure exactly what number three is nor do I know enough about number four. Lots of fun though!

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