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Bahnhofskommandantur Officer Soldbuch

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Thanks to Kevin for allowing me to acquire this one.

This one has a number of qualities that attracted me. Firstly, its an officers Soldbuch and by definition much scarcer than NCOs or Enlisted Mens books. Secondly it has a particularly nice, crisp , clear photo but from my point of view,thirdly and mostly importantly due to his assignation to a Bahnhofskommandantur.

The Bahnhofskommandantur controlled all military aspects of the use of railway stations and it is to this office that members of the Bahnhofswache would be assigned. (In the same way that Feldgendarmerie troops were often allocated to Ortskommandantur, Feldkommandantur etc). So although this guy wasn't personally a member of the Ordnungstruppe, his office would have controlled the Bahnhofswache personnel.

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