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I realise this is getting a bit tiresome,but this is my last post on the subject....

Here's one that I've found on the net.

The eagle looks a fair match I think.

This is obviously being sold as a reproduction and it's from one of the lower profile German dealers as can be seen.


I don't like it. I've seen this eagle on complete fakes. Also , doesn't it look to have cast marks around the rim of the reverse of the wreath?



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Too funny! Of course Niemann will refund the buyer's money, as long as the buyer plays by Niemann's rules and doesn't make a fuss. Niemann always refunds people when caught out having sold them a clunker. It's a cornerstone of his modus operandi. After all, he is a scrupulously honest fellow. This one must have slipped through unnoticed. After all, he handles literally billions of badges a day so there are always going to be occasional mistakes.


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