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My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

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12 hours ago, ChristianUtti said:

Antti Matikkala made a research about this particular piece based on silver stamps and archive information. Prince Henry of Prussia was actually never delivered the award. The cross stayed in storage of Tillander until it was probably sold out. Lets ask inversely: Where is the set of Prince Henry and is it even possible to prove that this is not an order belonged to him? 

-Christian Utti 

Sorry, I said wrong. Matikkala found out the provenance based on numbering of the stars and archive information. 

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In my opinion, the worst offense when collecting is to construct a myth around an decoration. There can be many reasons for this, e.g. to artificially drive up the price of an decoration. It also often happens that people simply feel good with it, according to the motto: more being than appearance.

Nowadays it is only possible to write or even name a name behind higher-priced decorations if you can present undeniable evidence.

The Roman numbers, which were engraved in each of the 10 Stars of the Grand Crosses, only provide support for the jeweler. With the help of these numbers he could know exactly which part belongs to which Star.

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Posted (edited)


I totally understand your point. I am currently working with this provenance bacause it is possible to research it based on a history of other sets. Matikkala most probably off closed the other possible sets leaving behind only the set of Prince Henry. Because there are only 10 of them made, 3 unissued in Museums 1 unissued with provenance history to 1920s sold at Helander, the one awarded to Mannerheim and second for display purposes in Mannerheim museum. This leaves us only 4 of which 3 were awarded. 

I am not trying to drive up the price because I am not selling my piece. I am trying to research the provenance and based on that estimate the value of the order. 

Does anybody know where are the orders of other German recipients? 

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