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Foremer saxon Officer 1941 , possible id?

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Here is a new photo in my collection , a Wermacht Officer with wife and daughter 1941 , but what awards do her have ??

what I can see , and far away sure he was a saxon well decorated soldier in WW I , but that ribbon on his uniform :o

Lokks like..... a Lifesaving medal ? I have never seen anything like it before ....

Ok here is me trying to id the ribbon bar , and better pics will follow :cheeky:

EK II - S:t heinrich - Albert Order Knight w Crown and swords , uhh Civilan Saxon Order ? , Albert order - KVK 1939 - ?? - Saxon Long service or ??

EK I on the breast so sure an officer in WW 1 .

anyone ?


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I have one of the few Christophe., I love phots showing unusual awards and hoped it was a SSRM on his bar .

He shouldn´t be mpossible to find with SH3 , SA3aXKr , HHO3X and SSRM I think :unsure:

I have started the search , only about 2600 SH winners left ......


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Hmm 2717 S:t henry Knight awarded , 584 Sa3aXmKr and about the same for SSRM I should find him :unsure:

So far I found 1 with all of the awards and SSRM but he was Major in 1924 and had a BZL3mEl also so probably not my guy .

Does anyone know if there is a book with the S:t Henry winners ?

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Hi Christer

For Weber, Paul and Keil, the knight cross of St Henry of Saxe were awarded 2749 times.

In the Roth's book, "Die Verleihungen des KS ST-Heinrichs-Ordens und seiner Medaillen im Ersten Weltkrieg 1914-1918, he has foudn 2729 names.

in the book "Die Tragbaren Ehrenzeichen des Königreiches Sachsen 1806-1918",

-Goldene Medaille für Lebensrettung : 6

- Silberne Medaille für Lebensrettung : 388

- Bronzene Medaille für Lebensrettung : 391

I don't know if we can find the name but we can try.


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